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Susan and Stephen's Story

Dear Angela:

Thank you from the heart for the important role you played in making our dream come true! Although we never gave up on our great desire to have a second child, the doctors told us that fulfilling our dream would take a good deal of patience, time, motivation and effort. When we located NESPA, Inc. and met you, our long journey became so much more pleasant and promising!

From the start, you treated us with a great deal of respect. You were highly professional; yet you were always willing to share your own personal stories with us and offer us a funny joke and a warm hug when we visited you. Your selection of egg donors was impressive. With your help, we located the perfect donor. We have maintained an anonymous yet very personable and meaningful relationship with our donor for the past year. You have facilitated our correspondence with our donor in a very reliable and expedient manner. Likewise, we know that we have found a wonderful friend in you.

Five months ago, the hospital called to tell us that we are expecting a baby. The joy we experienced and continue to experience is immeasurable. We are thrilled beyond words and feel very fortunate and blessed. In our opinion, no amount of effort was too great for the results that transpired. Our ten-year-old son is counting the days until his new baby sister arrives!

If it were not for you, Angela, we would not be experiencing this joy. We know that many other couples would dearly love to have a child, yet are unable to do so without assistance. We urge them to make the call and the visit to you that may very well change their lives forever. We made the call and we are so grateful that we did! Your rates are reasonable, your selection of donors is extensive, and your treatment of clients is top notch.

Thank you so much, Angela. We wish you continued health, happiness and success as you so selflessly serve the needs of others in their quest for fulfillment through the gift of children.


- Susan and Stephen

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