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Maria's Story

My name is Maria Burns. I have been married for ten years and have three children of our own. I come from a large family of 11 brothers and sisters and about 30 nephews and nieces. About six years ago, I became a foster parent and that is when I realized that giving birth does not make you a parent, being there for his/her first steps, waking up every two hours for feedings or because they are sick. Just being there to give them your undivided attention no matter how busy you seem to be, that is what makes a parent.

I have a few friends that were going through a rough time conceiving, so I talked it over with my husband that I would like to help a couple have a baby. He was really supportive about it. We gave up foster parenting about three years ago, and I did some research about surrogates. That is when I found Angela Figueroa and met a wonderful couple, Christine and Brad.

There was a lot of paperwork and tests to be done before we could proceed. But, once everything was in motion, we were forward with our first transfer attempt in February. We were all so nervous because there was only two embryos to transfer and then having to wait those ten days for a pregnancy test was torture for all of us involved. The wait was well worth it. Trinity Marie was born nine months later.

I was honored by the name they chose to give their daughter. Trinity - because it took three of us for Trinity to be born, and Trinity's middle name, Maria. I was very surprised and honored when I heard her full name. It was so sweet of them to mention my name in their birth announcement. That was something I was not expecting at all.

I want to thank Christine and Brad for letting me be part of their special event in their life. It was well worth everything. When I saw Christine and Brad's face when their daughter was born. When people ask me if I could ever do it again, I just think of Christine and Brad's face and smile nodding my head, yes.

Being a surrogate was an amazing and rewarding experience, one I will never forget.

- Maria

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