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Lisa's Story

My husband and I met Joy and her family through Fertility Needs on March 3, 2003 and began our journey to become parents through gestational surrogacy. We became pregnant with one healthy baby on the first IVF transfer (coincidentally on my birthday - what a present!). During the pregnancy, our relationship with Joy and her family exceeded our expectations. We shared an open, caring relationship with an unspoken trust for each other. The bond that forms when someone is carrying your child is indescribable. Our two families enjoyed several outings together including trips to New York City, Boston and several overnight sleepovers at our house with her two kids. We also attended her doctor appointments and were able to fully experience the pregnancy through Joy, something that was very important to us since we were not able to carry a child on our own. On March 2, 2004, one year from the day we met, Joy delivered a beautiful, healthy baby boy to his parents. We are overjoyed to finally have our own child. Our experience with surrogacy was such an amazing one that we are proud to share our story and perhaps help others become parents...

- Lisa

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