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Joy's Story

I have had the opportunity to be a gestational surrogate on two occasions. It was a positive life experience. I feel I have played the roles of both pioneer and teacher. The many people that I encountered in my day to day life and learned I was a surrogate were most interested and had many questions. I enjoyed answering their questions and felt it was a way to "educate" people to the positive aspects of surrogacy as sometimes the media only portrays the negative side. Becoming a surrogate was something I had wanted to do for a long time, having felt so fortunate of being able to become pregnant and give birth I felt a great deal of empathy towards those who could not. It is not something to be entered into lightly. The decision requires a strong commitment and does affect the entire family.

I was so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with Dr. Angela Figueroa. Her expertise and experience helped me through the process of getting started on my journey. My husband and I immediately felt comfortable with her. Angela was always available to answer questions or provide advice even during the pregnancy. She is a great listener and has always been there for me.

In March of 2002, I gave birth via a C section to twin girls for a wonderful couple and then in March of 2004, after being matched with another great couple, I gave birth to a boy. During the course of each pregnancy in which both couples were very much involved we developed a strong long lasting friendship. We are still a part of each others lives. My own children and husband became very close with these families also. My children were never affected emotionally by me having to give up the babies. That was frequently a concern by many people as to how my children dealt with me being a surrogate.

My children honestly think that this is something that all mothers usually do for women who cannot have babies on their own.

The pregnancies and births were experiences that I will never forget.

It is a most fulfilling reward to be able to give a childless couple the opportunity to be called mommy and daddy.

- Joy

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