Fertility Needs


This section recommends a selection of educational resources for learning more about collaborative reproduction – and information about community resources that assist collaborative reproduction – doctors, mental health professionals, lawyers, and others.

Educational Resources/Recommended Reading

A Matter of Trust: The Guide to Gestational Surrogacy by Gail Dutton – Purchase Now from Amazon

Choosing Assisted Reproduction: Social, Emotional and Ethical Considerations by Susan Lewis Cooper and Ellen Sarasohn Glazer – Purchase Now from Amazon – and from the same authors, Beyond Infertility: The New Paths to Parenthood

Miracle Child: Genetic Mother, Surrogate Womb by Cheryl Saban – Purchase Now from Amazon

Mommy, Did I Grow In Your Tummy? Where Some Babies Come From by Elaine R. Gordon, Ph.D. – Purchase Now from Amazon

Surrogate Motherhood: Conception in the Heart by Helena Ragoné – Purchase Now from Amazon

Between Strangers by Lori B. Andrews – Purchase Now from Amazon

Surrogate Parenting by Amy Zuckerman Overvoid – Purchase Now from Amazon

In Vitro Fertilization by Geoffrey Sher, M.D. – Purchase Now from Amazon

Community Resources

The NEEDS collaborative reproduction community includes medical, psychiatric, and legal partners as well as the women who serve as egg donors and surrogates. Following are some members of the NEEDS community.

Infertility Clinics
Fertility Center of New England
Reproductive Science Center
Women & Infants' Division of Reproductive Medicine and Infertility
New England Medical Center IVF
Mass General Hospital, Vincent IVF Unit Brigham and Women's Hospital
Baystate Reproductive Medicine
Boston IVF
Cardone & Associates Reproductive Medicine and Infertility

Clinical Psychologists
NEEDS has longstanding relationships with clinical psychologists experienced in collaborative reproduction. Referrals are provided to clients.

Legal Counsel
NEEDS has longstanding relationships with attorneys experienced in collaborative reproduction. Referrals are provided to clients.

General Resources

American Society of Reproductive Medicine