Fertility Needs

Egg Donors Needed - $5,500 per Donation

The National Exchange for Egg Donation and Surrogacy (NEEDS), a nationally recognized and highly regarded egg donation and surrogacy agency, is currently searching for women to help aspiring parents to start their families. We are currently recruiting women who are:

  • Asian
  • Caucasian
  • Hispanic
  • African
  • Mixed race
  • All other ethnic groups

We are always searching for kind-hearted women of all ethnicities and talents to donate eggs to help infertile women and couples have children. We offer the finest personal attention and professional guidance. In order to be considered as an anonymous egg donor with our agency, you must be:

  • Between the age of 20 and 30
  • At least 5'2" in height
  • Have an appropriate weight for your height (under 170 pounds)
  • In good health and follow a healthy lifestyle.
  • A non-smoker and do not use illegal drugs.

All associated out-of-pocket costs are covered by the aspiring parents and you will be compensated for lost wages and time at $5,500 for a successful donation. Travel may be involved, if willing, and all travel expenses will be covered. Click here for a Step-by-Step Guide on how to becoming an Egg Donor.

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