Fertility Needs

OUR PROCESS | An Overview

NEEDS serves as a collaborative community that brings aspiring parents together with the egg donors, surrogates, medical providers, and others who can help them fulfill their dream of parenthood. The NEEDS online community at www.fertilityneeds.com includes an extensive database of reliable and knowledgeable donors and surrogates who provide aspiring parents with the unique qualities and characteristics they want in their egg donor or surrogate.

NEEDS’ egg donors and gestational surrogates are thoroughly pre-screened, minimizing rejection by infertility medical professionals and mental health experts. NEEDS donors and surrogates have been prepared thoroughly for the collaborative reproduction process and are committed to helping aspiring parents fulfill their dreams of parenthood. The NEEDS donor and surrogate pools are continuously verified and updated to ensure availability and extensive choice of donors and surrogates. As we work with intended parents and the donor or surrogate they’ve selected, we take extra care to minimize scheduling conflicts. For these reasons, physicians and clinic coordinators consider NEEDS’ donors “the best” to work with.

With our online services, NEEDS helps aspiring parents struggling with infertility to learn about the exciting options available to them through the collaborative reproduction process. Our state-of-the-art online community then enables aspiring parents to register, print out and sign any needed legal forms, and make donor or surrogate selections – securely online, from the privacy of their own homes. Aspiring parents living anywhere in the U.S. – or internationally – can easily work with NEEDS to find the right donor or surrogate to help them build their families.

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