Fertility Needs


Helping Aspiring Parents When It Takes More Than Two People to Make a Baby

Since 1992, The National Exchange for Egg Donation and Surrogacy has been a leading pioneer in assisting aspiring parents with options for collaborative reproduction – when it takes more than two people to make a baby. Our mission is to connect aspiring parents with the egg donors or surrogate mothers they need to build their families, and to serve as the trusted guide helping aspiring parents through the emotional and at times intimidating collaborative reproduction process.

To fulfill our mission, NEEDS:

  • Provides a clear and concise explanation of the process and a high level of support throughout for aspiring parents – as well as for donors and surrogates who give of themselves to make collaborative reproduction possible
  • Maintains relationships with an extensive collaborative community developed over more than a decade – not only egg donors and surrogates, but also strong relationships with infertility clinics, legal services providers, and others who provide expertise and experience in infertility-related health, legal, and psychological issues
  • Acts as a leader in the field of collaborative reproduction, ensuring that NEEDS always remains abreast of the latest industry developments