Fertility Needs

ABOUT US | Letter from our Founder

I want to extend to you a personal welcome to www.fertilityneeds.com, NEEDS’ state-of-the-art online community that brings aspiring parents together with the egg donors, surrogates, medical providers, and others who can help them fulfill their dream of parenthood.

I founded NEEDS in 1992, soon after my daughter, Marisa, was born with the help of a surrogate and egg donor. (NEEDS was formerly called NESPA - New England Surrogate Parenting Advisors & Egg Donation.) The early 1990s were still the “early days” of collaborative reproduction, and I found the experience to be confusing, complicated, and awkward – though also greatly rewarding. With NEEDS, I wanted to maximize the rewards of collaborative reproduction by offering other aspiring parents an easier, less confusing experience than I had.

Today, more than a decade later, collaborative reproduction has come into its own. Especially because of the Internet, aspiring parents can be much better informed. And because collaborative reproduction is increasingly common, infertility is no longer such a stigma.

NEEDS has changed too. We’re constantly looking for new ways to improve our services to aspiring parents. And we’re continually expanding and enhancing our collaborative reproduction community. This community includes medical, psychiatric, and legal partners as well as the marvelous women who so generously offer themselves as egg donors and surrogates to make our most precious dreams come true.

As aspiring parents, it’s an exciting time. You now have more options and more resources available to you than ever before. With www.fertilityneeds.com, NEEDS puts these options and resources at your fingertips while continuing to fulfill our mission as your trusted guide through the emotional, and still challenging, process of collaborative reproduction.


Angela Figueroa, Ed.D.
NEEDS Founder (retired)